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Do you want something piquant? There are some options that differ from the classic spicy Chinese food. For sure, in your city, there are several excellent Thai restaurants. We will help you find the best Thai eatery with a few clicks. Well, let’s get started!

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Thai Cuisine Peculiarities

Fire is the first thing a European or an American feels when he first tries Thai food. But this flame hides a complex palette of tastes. The culinary traditions of India and China had a great influence on Thai cuisine. In each dish, the Thais added something new, making it unique. For example, in Thailand, a mixture of spices and simple stews, made from stews characteristic of Indian cuisine, are popular, while unlike the Indians the Thais don’t use dairy products when frying food. The Thais do not have strict rules for cooking. The taste of any dish doesn’t depend on the set of foods and spices, but it varies depending on the cook’s personal style.

Most Popular Thai Dishes

What are the most popular Thai dishes? First of all, this is a spicy and sour soup called tom yum. It contains such ingredients as bergamot leaves, lime juice, peppers (chili) pods, fish sauce and some other components. The name of the soup often consists of the words “tom” (“cook”), “yam” (“mixture”), plus one more word specifying its main feature. For example, “kung” means shrimps, “thale” means seafood, “kai” – chicken, etc. The most common soup in Taiwan is tom yum kung (soup with shrimps). Do you want something more exotic? Perhaps you are lucky enough to find “tom pit kop” (soup with frog meat).

Another traditional Thai dish is fried noodles called phat thai. This dish is known all over the world. Phat thai includes rice noodles fried in soy and fish sauces with fresh soybean shoots, soy cheese (tofu), small dried shrimps, grated peanuts, and green onions.

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