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If you love oriental cuisine, with the help of our website you will be able to find a good Chinese restaurant where you can enjoy your favorite dishes. Explore the local Chinese restaurants on and choose the place that suits you best.

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Nowadays, all big cities and some small towns have Chinese restaurants. These places are indicated on the online map in the form of pins. Click on the pin to find out more about the restaurant: working hours, whether you need reservations or not, as well as customer reviews. Also you can get directions if you do not know how to get there.

Peculiarities of Chinese Cuisine

Modern Chinese cuisine is unique, as it has almost completely preserved the formulas of preparing tasty and healthy food, which have remained unchanged for hundreds of years.

In traditional Chinese cuisine, all the ingredients of the dish are usually pre-soaked, so the cooking process is very quick, and all the nutrients of the products retain their properties. Interestingly, the components of Chinese cuisine are always cut, so they are eaten with bamboo sticks, not with a knife and fork.

Chinese food has gained wide popularity all over the world, because it is healthy and useful. Rice, especially brown (included in many dishes) contains a wide range of nutrients, and fish and seafood are the main suppliers of proteins to the body. The next important component of nutrition is legumes, primarily soy, containing vegetable proteins, fats and vitamins. The main reason for the popularity of traditional Chinese cuisine is its versatility and a wide spectrum of various dishes. In Chinese restaurants, everyone can find something tasty and useful for themselves that’s why they are so loved all over the world.

Remember that Chinese food that you can find in a restaurant located somewhere in America or a European country is not exactly what is offered in restaurants in Beijing and other Chinese cities. Of course, it does not mean that this food is tasteless. It is tasty and useful. However, it may contain western ingredients instead of typical components from China.

Chinese Fast Food

Historically, the preparation of Chinese food was a slow process. For example, remember the famous duck in Beijing – it takes two days of work. However, times are changing, and the traditional multi-component Chinese kitchen has also been transformed to adapt to the rhythm of the life of modern people. Thus, Chinese fast food has appeared in authentic recipes, and the Chinese have created and spread a culture of fast street food around the world. Chinese fast food looks like this: cooks take several products, for example, vegetables and shellfish, string them on a stick, coat with batter and fry. Or they boil noodles with various ingredients in a large kettle, and pour the food into paper cups. If you use our Chinese Restaurants Near Me tool you will surely find a Chinese fast food in the immediate vicinity.

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Diversity in the diet is always useful. If Chinese food is not suitable for you to eat every day, you can find restaurants of any other famous cuisine on our website. Good luck!